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Vibrant Victoria (B.C) Part 1

I have a secret. I'm in a love affair... I'm cheating on my... home.

I fell in love with B.C. the moment I opened the floor length curtains of the Fairmont in Vancouver Airport. I love airport hotels. I love airports in general. Mostly, I love being a nerd and watching the planes defy gravity.

I wasn't expecting to be in awe of the shortest flight known to man (10 minutes from Vancouver to Victoria). That 10 minute flight ex

uded so much beauty; I was fixated on the view out of my window.

I had the craziest flight I've ever taken (was it worth it to save over 1000 bucks!? yes and no). I had arrived home for the holidays, visiting family and close friends. From home I was travelling to Canada to meet my friend and former colleagues/friends before flying back to Beijing with my colleague/friend.

What was this crazy flight I talk of?

Cardiff UK (06:30 take off) > layover in Dublin, Ireland (2 hrs) > layover in London Heathrow UK (4 hours) > layover Vancouver (overnight) > Victoria B.C.

The issues started in Cardiff whilst trying to ensure I kept all my essential luggage (paid a fortune to do so); this experience has put me off ever flying Flybe. Then my flight was delayed until 7am (not the largest worry). Landed in Dublin, had to wait for my luggage and then re-check in (Different terminal- can only walk!), Aer Lingus staff are brilliant. We were delayed again- this time while waiting on board the plane- a nearly 2 hour wait (thank goodness for the 4 hour layover and not needing to check in again). Finally, take off and land in a stormy Heathrow... you guessed it- fight is delayed! This is a good thing- at least i have time to grab food, do some duty free shopping and do some more eating. I love flying BA. Sadly, this time I flew economy to save some cash...BUT I had an aisle seat so not all bad. Eventually after a 4 hour wait we took off. Landed in Vancouver a couple of hours later than I had anticipated.

NOTE: Vancouver Airport- Luggage takes FOREVERRRRR to arrive on the carousel.

However, staff are great (find out why in Part 3!) I struggled to locate my hotel after the mentalist of a flight I booked myself on. Staff were on hand to help me. Staff were welcoming in the hotel and was given a great room over looking not only the apron and runway but also the mountains. The beds in the Fairmont are so comfortable- they are like sleeping on a cloud! I managed to get a solid 12 hours in before checking in for my next flight.

L: View from The Fairmont; R: Art in the departures of Vancouver Airport

Considering I had an insane flight set, my check in assistant applauded me by asking- did you book this flight yourself? Laughing- yes. I had the reply of "You were smart- as this is a through ticket you don't need to repay your extra luggage!" WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Checked in, found a Tim Hortons, bought myself a latte and some Timbits, met up with my friend (flew from LA).

This vacay is looking up!!

Copyright Lauren Toner 2020

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