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Bewitched by Bvlgari

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Nestled behind the Kunlun hotel, and in front of Liangma River you'll find the Italian Powerhouse's hotel. On entrance, your eyes are drawn to the porcelain coloured Limestone façade juxtaposed against the artistic basil coloured shrubbery. This luxurious entrance sets the expected elegant tone for the hotel and it's Michelin starred restaurant; Il Ristorante Niko Romito. The backdrop of the lush and tranquil gardens transports you from Beijing to Europe. It is easy to forget that you are settled in the hustle and bustle of the embassy district of one of the world's largest cities.

The Bvlgari Hotel offers its patrons a sumptuous service from entrance to exit. The luxury lobby is scattered with Bvlgari Collection artwork alongside the bronzed coppers and black granites allowing for a fashionable and opulent surrounding. Wandering through the lobby takes you by La Pasticceria. La Pasticceria offers an appetising array of pastries and desserts that can be ordered in The Lounge, The Bar or as Afternoon Tea. The delectably decorated signature desserts range from traditional Tiramisu to indulgent Caramel Chocolate Mousse and the most delicious mini 'bomba' bomboloni doughnuts.

I checked in during DragonBoat Festival; an expectedly busy time of year. Service at check-in was impeccable. It was a smooth process- passport, credit card, health kits and key handover. I was led to my room along with my luggage, down a maze of opulent hallways. A touch of the key card and I entered my suite.

The suite was light and airy from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Liangma river and city centre. The wood panelling behind the bed added an air of lavishness to the main room. I stayed in a Premium room which included; a desk, sideboard for the mini bar (all-inclusive) and Nespresso machine, small sofa with marble coffee table facing a large TV, placed in front of a King sized bed. A separate walk-in closet and dressing room. An en-suite that included a granite bath and shower area, embedded TV screen in the mirror, his and hers sinks with an array of amenities- from toothbrush sets to mouth wash and shaving foam. Anything you could possibly need during a weekend stay was catered for.

I chose to order a room-service lunch to make the most of my staycation. I opted for the Wagyu burger. The burger was tender, cooked to perfection, with a toasty but soft bun. The steak chips were crispy and fluffy and superbly seasoned. The burger came with condiments and was presented with style. Not only did I order room service, but the room comes with additional services such as an "afternoon snack". The day I stayed, I was offered chocolate hazelnut torta slices (2) as well as a side of fruit. The cake was rich and luxurious, creamy and decadent, soft and moreish. The perfect mix of sensations. The fruit paired fantastically and refreshed the palate before moving your fork for another mouthful.

The bathroom experience was great. The bathtub was large with views into the sink area to be able to watch the mini TV inside the mirror. The drawback was that the bathtub and shower were not separated, and the door needed to be open to listen to the TV. The bathroom had all amenities you could possibly need, and obviously all Bvlgari branded. The bathroom comes with a Toto too, so you never need to worry about the air conditioning disrupting your comfort.

In the evening, I chose to not dine at Il Ristorante Niko Romito. Instead met friends to watch the Euro cup. As I have previously dined at the restaurant with a friend, it was an easy choice to make. See Restaurant below.

The views of the city were perfect to fall asleep to. I chose to leave my black-out blinds partly open to wake up with the natural light. The bed was amazingly soft. There was an offer of a pillow menu, which I chose to not take advantage of. The bedside table boasted a separate drawer for electronic devices to be charged and an area for delicate accessories to be placed as to not be damaged by the wooden surface and vice versa. The perfect set up for a perfect night's sleep.

Waking up to a foggy, polluted, rainy Beijing is always sad, but it was made better by waking up in a bed I did not want to leave! I spent my morning indulging in a luxurious mix of laziness and slow recharging. Waking up, making myself a Nespresso coffee to watch a show before getting ready to head to breakfast.

I opted for a healthy 'fit' breakfast, which included coffee, juice (not pictured), eggs, fruit and oats. Some juice does come at an extra charge which the server reminded me of before taking my order. Be aware to not wear slide on sandals into breakfast as they are classed as bedroom slippers which are not permitted in the restaurant. The breakfast was light but filling- perfect before lounging at the spa and swimming pool.

I was unfortunate in that the gym was not open at this time due to covid restrictions over a public holiday. The pool was still permitted to be used at a lower capacity on a first-come first-served basis. The pool/spa area was just as luxurious as the rest of the hotel. Heavily gilded with limestone, gold accents and turquoise, the spa gave a relaxing and warm atmosphere. There were daybeds for single occupancy and for occupancy as a couple. Each were poolside and allowed for privacy when not using the pool or jacuzzi. There was also a separate relaxation room with full length, floor to ceiling to muslin to offer privacy with a mobile phone ban. As a singleton staying and using the spa, I was disappointed to see how families treated the area- with floats and noisy behaviour, I didn't stay long in the, what was originally, relaxing environment.

Overall, the Bvlgari offers luxury stays, elegant cuisine options, and beautiful surroundings.

I booked my stay directly through the hotel. I paid for my stay.

This review is in no way linked to the Bvlgari brand and hotel chain.

This is review is not an advert or in exchange for services.

All views above are my own.

Price Point: average 3300 RMB Per night

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