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Top 5 Brunches in Doha

Brunch, as previously mentioned, is HUGE business in the Middle East.

The Dubai Brunch scene is crazy. Doha is closely following in Dubai's footsteps.

The Best Brunch is obviously down to the company you keep, HOWEVER, some are better than others for value for money and entertainment.

The Top 5 Brunches:

1. St Regis Grand Friday Brunch.

Set over 4 rooms and an outside terrace, it really is a brunch for everyone. There is a set kids area for food choices such as burgers and fries. 5 specialist cocktail bars serve everything from Bloody Mary to Tom Collins and shots of tequila. The dining options range from salads bars, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Sushi, Raw and cooked Seafood, Pizza, Asian, Indian, copious amounts of different cheese wheels, Chocolate and fruit based dessert options as well as cakes, and cream based choices.

Live music entertainment is performed throughout the brunch alongside an outdoor dance floor. The vibe is that of a classy and elegant party. There are multiple options for your brunch- free flow soft drinks, free flow alcohol and free flow champagne- these options all vary in price.

2. The Westin Bubbalicious

The Bubbalicious brunch is a chain brunch with a Friday brunch in Dubai and Weekend brunches elsewhere in the world. The idea of the Bubbalicious brunch is that of a party. The surroundings are not as elegant, the food not as spectacular in presentation but always of a high quality. The brunch is set over a small terrace area that doubles as a dance floor and over one restaurant with 2 additional rooms- 1 for cheese and 1 for desserts with the rooms staying at ideal temperature. The brunch is free flow alcohol and champagne, however, cocktails must be ordered. The options for dining are of a high quality with lobster tails, sushi and cooked and raw seafood, the tiki style stalls offer other cuisine such as Asian or burgers. This brunch doesn't really cater for children.

3. Kempinski Friday brunch

The Kempinski Brunch matches it's clientele. Free Flow champagne and as much seafood as you can feast your eyes upon is the main attraction. A great couple's afternoon out; not a brunch for a party. This is like a great lunch out. It has exquisite food and drink. That's all it needs. The clientele are nearer to middle age. This alters the atmosphere. It can be quite "stuffy" but great if you want to entertain parents visiting.

4. Four Seasons Friday Brunch

Not as large as those mentioned above, but a great all you can eat experience, with fresh meats and seafood in abundance and always being refreshed. Free Flow champagne and wines are also consistently being poured. Although- beware of where you sit- this alters the speed of refreshed beverages.

5. Special Mention- Grand Hyatt Liquid Brunch

Always a great after party. I highly recommend staying at Grand Hyatt on Brunch day as it hosts the best After Party in Doha- you then don't have far to walk home. Liquid brunch offers a range of free flow drinks between certain times. Usually leaving around an hour or so after brunch finishes- giving you time for a nap before continuing to party until late!

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