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Happy New 2022

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm actually a teacher by day. However, in my school, a private bilingual school- we had no Christmas break. This meant we had one long weekend to help celebrate annual new year.

To make the most of this mini break, we decided to book an igloo brunch at Hulu by TRB and a trip to Black Dragon Pool in Heilongtan (north Beijing) for a half day.

Hulu by TRB

Hulu by TRB is a small chain of Beijing based restaurants owned by the TRB group. Hulu can be found in SanLiTun as well as in Chaoyang near Shunyi (near WAB school). We love heading to Hulu near WAB for the beautiful views over the river as well as for amazing service by Lukas and his team. We booked a 6 person igloo so we could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine despite the below freezing temperatures. We booked it for early afternoon to allow us time to catch up on the festivities that had occurred over Christmas weekend.

We grazed on the Chef Salad, The Caesar Salad, Fries, Hummus, and Short Rib Mash Potato. Instead of dessert, I opted for the American Coffee Selection which came with small cake options. I also asked for a shot of Baileys to pour into my coffee for a boozy treat!

Black Dragon Pool

The next day we travelled to Black Dragon Pool in Heilongtan, to visit the ice falls. Yes, they are man-made, but they are still pretty! If you travel about 1hr 30 outside of the city centre towards the mountains, you'll find Black Dragon Pool. Dress warm and wear sensible footwear!! on arrival, it feels underwhelming. However, follow the path and you're greeted by a Winter Wonderland.

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